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Street food in Seoul

Street food in Seoul

Heaven for street food lovers

The first thing I realised after spending about half an hour in Seoul was that I will never go hungry on the streets of this city.

While half of the time I spent in the capital of South Korea, I was jet lagged (meaning one day out of the two), I only partially registered what was happening but one thing was crystal clear: food is everywhere and it's impossible to resist. A short collection of the quick bites I tried and I wish, oh I wish there was more time or more room in my belly to try even more. As for some of these dishes, I have no idea what they are called so I just named them after what they taste or how they look. If anyone knows better the actual names of the dishes, I am happy to hear!

Hotteok - Filled Korean pancakes

These yummy pancakes are filled with either veggies or cheese, then deep-fried. Understandably there was a queue to get them and it was worth the wait!

Korean pancakes

Generally pancakes are one of my favourite dishes and whenever in a Korean restaurant we tend to share a kimchi or a seafood pancake as a starter. It was dream like to see the stand in the middle of the market where the ladies are making nothing but Korean pancakes. I wish I could snack on these every day…

 Dumplings - Steamed or fried

These dumplings were the size of my hand, some deep fried while others steamed. The filling must have been pork and vegetables (never entirely sure when the menu is only in Korean). This was the very first thing we saw on our first stroll in the Gwanhun-Dong area and surely we couldn't left without trying.

 Egg bread

Simple concept, it is what it looks like. Egg baked in to a small bread.

 Morning sandwich

This sounds like a simple dish, pretty much a sandwich with egg, ham, cheese and some cabbage. But the way they prepare it on a hotplate and the delicious sauces in there, it's more than just a simple breakfast dish. We found this vendor outiside some office building near Sambong-ro and Ujeongguk-ro. Good way to start a busy day in the office.

 Fried patty with noodle filling

Probably my favourite street food in Seoul. Who knows what's it called, I just call it what it is: some pancake like deep fried patty, stuffed with glass noodles. It's delicious.

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